"It's about making that soldier feel at home again. And that's exactly what this project is."

Virginia Rempp / Wife of Wounded Warrior


Thanks to modern advances in medical treatment, nearly half of our nation’s more than 200,000 injured soldiers are now returning to active duty after rehabilitation. CRC Partners, together with our related companies, decided to rethink the old ADA standards and to find a better way for homes to relate to the needs of injured soldiers, their families and care givers. The idea became an initiative that led to the assembly of a top team of scientists, psychologists, physicians, consultants, builders, and engineers–including legendary architect Michael Graves–to radically rethink the way soldiers live. Together we threw out traditional plans for ramps and shower seats and implemented new designs, products, and technologies such as adjustable height countertops, motion sensor door locks, and in-home therapy rooms to accommodate a variety of physical and psychological needs. And that was just the beginning. Our collective efforts are sparking national dialogue on how to better meet the needs of all underserved populations.