Overcoming Obstacles

A vibrant retail street is a community’s core. Mixed-Use. Fun. Walkable. Unified. It’s a destination for families, friends, shoppers, date nights, and bringing communities together. The fact that obstacles stood in the way to provide this amenity on a military installation did not deter the initiative. The idea itself was compelling enough to bring the traditionally market-rate concept to life at Fort Belvoir. It was clear the installation’s daily population of more than 40,000 would not just frequent it, but would benefit from the convenience it delivers and the camaraderie it fosters. Now residents and visitors can enjoy everything from Starbucks to Subway, and more importantly, posts across the country are adapting their master plans to fit this mixed-use vision – a thriving street where people come together for community.

"We're sitting in a Starbucks on a military post. Our housing is now commensurate with their service."

Don Dees / Chief of Policy and Plans