"Our people come together from a variety of backgrounds to create an environment that pushes you to think differently. At CRC, bucking the status quo is just another day at the office."
"If you enjoy a very unstructured, entrepreneurial environment, this place is a good fit for you."
our people

We're passionate. WE Work hard. and we're part of something inspiring.

At CRC Partners, we work together in an internal free market and use five guiding principles: keep it simple, have fun, promote teamwork over individualism, be realistic with ourselves and our partners, and strive for continuous change. This lack of structure allows for the freedom to originate creative initiatives and shepherd them through to fruition.

"If you have a passion for trying to change the world in some way, you have that opportunity here."
"When people ask about our company, it's tough to give a short answer. We have the freedom to work on such a variety of projects."
"It's inspiring to work alongside some of the brightest, most charismatic people out there... within an organization that values collaboration and idea generation."
"In everything we do, we infuse creativity and imagination. We bring together the best minds we can find, and throw all the ideas against the wall. Even the crazy ones."
"I joined CRC for the interesting, exciting work and stayed for the people—they're smart, driven, and entrepreneurial, but are also willing to have fun along the way."
"I came to work here because it's one of the few places where you can genuinely progress as fast as you are able to progress."